A new studio recording!

All new arrangements and orchestrations. Featuring a contemporary sound with rock guitarist extraordinaire, Alex Skolnick.

AND - a brand new song for Emma!

Rob Evan in the title role, with Kate Shindle as Lucy and Brandi Burkhardt as Emma.

Available NOW!

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30-second "QuickTime" audio clips

01. Prologue/I Need To Know
02. Take Me As I Am
03. Bring On The Men
04. This Is The Moment
05. Transformation
06. Alive
07. Girls Of The Night
08. If You Only Knew
09. Sympathy, Tenderness
10. Someone Like You
11. Once Upon A Dream
12. Reflections (Jekyll's Soliloquy)
13. The World Has Gone Insane
14. No One Knows Who I Am
15. It's A Dangerous Game
16. In His Eyes
17. The Way Back
18. A New Life
19. Confrontation
20. Epilogue:
Once Upon A Dream (reprise)

Jekyll & Hyde - Resurrection - Brandi Burkhardt, Kate Shindle & Rob Evan